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Tonya began her Teamster career in the Construction Industry in 1989. She has worked several different jobs on numerous pipelines and at the Idaho National Laboratory. She was appointed as the Local's Recording Secretary in 1992 and moved her way up to President. In 2014, she replaced Layne Gough as the Secretary-Treasurer and was hired as a Business Agent. She currently represents members at Basic American Foods, ConAgra/Lamb Weston, Great Western Malting, Degerstrom Ventures, Meadow Gold Dairies, Pocatello Ready Mix and our Idaho Signatory Construction Members.
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Jessica began her career as the Office Manager of the Local in 2010. She was appointed Vice President and part-time Business Agent in September of 2013. She currently manages the office and represents members of UPS, UPS Freight, YRC and ABF Freight.
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Andy has been a member of Teamsters Local 983 since 2008. He is a package driver at UPS and serves as a Union Steward. He was appointed to the Board as a trustee in 2010 and moved his way up to President in 2013.

James has been an employee and Union Steward at Great Western Malting since 2007. He was appointed as Recording Secretary in March of 2014 and became Trustee in May of 2016.

Mark has been a driver and Union Steward at Pocatello Ready Mix since 1993. He was appointed as a Trustee in June of 2014.

Lance has been a Construction member since 1995. He has worked at the INL as a Union Steward since 2009. He was appointed as a Trustee on the Board in June of 2015.

Ruby is an employee and Union Steward at Lamb Weston in American Falls. She has been a member since January of 2001 and has served on the Executive Board as Recording Secretary since May of 2016.