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The Local Union Election Plan has been approved. The Plan Summary can be viewed on all bulletin boards.

The Local Union Plan has been submitted on September 28, 2015. The notice can be viewed on all Union bulletin boards.

To schedule an appointment with a pension representative, please contact Jessica. They travel to Idaho Falls and Pocatello every two months to go over your pension information and assist in applying for retirement. The pension office can also be directly contacted at 1-800-531-1489 or you can visit their website.

For those members with coverage by UT-ID Teamsters Security Fund (serviced by Southwest Service Administrators), you can visit their website. Here you can download various forms including disability, change of address, enrollment forms, etc. You can also find a preferred provider in your area and view EOBs and eligibility information. If you have any questions concerning your eligibility or coverage, they can be reached at 1-855-292-7954.

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